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J.T. Ravizé

I visited Lake Tahoe as a child and learned to ski here. Fond memories of summer adventures are etched in my mind as well. However, it wasn't until I moved to the area full time in my early twenties that I truly began my apprenticeship into the alchemy of light and weather, of texture and color, and rhythm and pattern that made Lake Tahoe the singular and significant site that it is. Almost twenty years later, I feel that I have barely scratched the surface of the complexity of Lake Tahoe, and I look forward to manifesting ever more quintessential and exquisite photographs of the region as my own ability to perceive matures and improves.

"Treasure hunting for light," and sharing those insights that appear on film, has become my life work. I would like my images to inspire and teach others to love Lake Tahoe as I do, and I hope that each new connection of vision to advocacy will make yet another friend for this magnificent place.


Lindé Ravizé

I am by nature a shy, quite and contemplative person. Not the sort to complain about much, or to ask anyone's opinion on anything. I try not to preach, even to my children, and I rarely get mad, I leave that to the experts....

However, sometimes love can overwhelm even the best instincts of the mind, and it is then that the anguished call of the heart must be heard. It is that older, quieter part of me that was compelled to express its inner angst about the fate of beautiful Lake Tahoe. This is a place I visited as a child and fell in love with. As soon as I finished college, I drove here with high hopes and low funds, and I stayed. Despite storms of adversity in many forms, I stayed. This place is in my soul. The mountains, the air, and most of all the lake....



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