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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
Jeweled Moment
by Lindé Ravizé

Gravid rain clouds cloaked the bay
bringing darkness to the day
threatening to wash away
the sight that I had found

Having hiked for many miles
drawn by all my outdoor wiles
climbing boulders stacked in piles
following the sound

Then there revealed in all its bliss
a view I could not bear to miss
a river pounding an abyss
the chasm in it drowned

My heart held captive by the power
transfixed, I waited through the shower
while thoughts beyond that brilliant hour
verged on the profound

Then visions thundered lightning fast
as white spiked through the overcast
the trees revealed their jeweled past
with diamond hardness bound

I don't expect to ever see
a sight with such intensity
that sacred time was just for me…
Mother Nature crowned!

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