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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
Mystic Snowfall
by Lindé Ravizé

Hushed and serene, the ancient pines
reflect in stillness, their light shines
unchanged by seasons, or travail,
come sun and wind, or driven hail.

But in the winter; mystic changes.
The force of nature rearranges,
disguising worn and weathered traces,
transforming aged to youthful faces.

The gentle snowfall casts a veil
as bark and branch grow soft and pale.
While molded limbs and trunks all flow
into a timeless world of snow.

As clouds of whiteness drift and swirl
angelic pillowed snowflakes whirl,
creating marble molds of white
that cast the trees in frozen light.

Each frosty season brings the gift
of countless seasons it can lift.
Reviving images of youth
with sapling grace, and heartwood truth.

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