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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
Transcendent Tahoe
by Lindé Ravizé

Resplendent waters burst with light
while purple mists reveal the sight
in treasured hues of dawn's delight,
a jewel to the eye…

Vastly blue yet crystal clear,
a strong imposing sapphire tier,
reflecting pool of mountains near,
a mirror of the sky…

At first it was pure nature's realm,
forged with earthquakes at the helm.
Those sterling heights could overwhelm,
and echoes would reply…

Then long the ages of the snow
as winter times would come and go,
while summers warmth would rarely show
beyond a subtle sigh…

Who first beheld its crown of blue,
what ancient eyes the first time knew
that sight of clarity shine through.
What treasures may here lie?…

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