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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
A Golden Glimmer
by Lindé Ravizé

A gentle wind announced the dawn
before the light was seen
as from the ethers it was drawn
to soothe the water's sheen

And as the warming glow grew bright
the sky was filled with gold
enlightenment dispelled the night
envisioning grew bold

Dare we hope that this will last
will mankind see the truth
can we repair the damaged past
restore this land to youth

Today the future seems in doubt
yet miracles can be
and hope will glimmer all about
this place of destiny

Perhaps this land, so poorly used
will one day be pristine
forgiving those who have abused
this glowing mountain scene

Oh, is there hope for us to find
a healing for this land
we know the past was often blind
when do we take a stand

The golden dawn before me now
evokes a pledge of grace
I'll find a way, no matter how
to save this ancient place

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