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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
Willowed Dawn
by Lindé Ravizé

In perfect stillness dawn awaits,
hushed and muted by the fates.
With that last breath, before one ray
of sun proclaims the newest day,
my soul waits silently and feels
the welcome touch of time, which heals.
For each new day bestows more peace,
as gentle calmness brings release.

The darkened skies decry the spring
yet hidden promise soon will bring
the damp caress of silvered silk,
of willow blossoms, angels milk
upon my face and fevered cheek
to nurse my emptied soul so weak
their dewy drops release my tears...
twin rivulets to cleanse my fears.

And gratefully I bless the calm,
that feels more sacred than a psalm.
These willows grow and bloom it seems,
despite the frozen winter streams.
Each season here, they rise anew
unmindful of what humans do.
May I be like them, lithe and strong,
with roots of love to carry on.

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