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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
Autumn's Veil
by Lindé Ravizé

Envisioned magic, through the veil
the trees of autumn warmly hail
our rapt attention to the dale
like pennants at a fair

Bright flames behind the barring pines
hold captive eyes with light designs
and signal nature's changing signs
frost is in the air

With gratitude our hearts accept
the platitude of beauty kept
until the icy tears are wept
hoping we will share

We never let our thoughts be led
into the winter, dark with dread
first let our highest hopes be spread
and bravest deeds compare

The summer's going up in smoke
and on those bitter fumes we'd choke
unless we paused to laugh and joke
and show compassioned care

Let autumn's veil be manifest
by efforts to create the best
before the long eternal rest
of judgment we must bear

For all we love will pass away
and even we will end someday
until then, let the colors play
as brightly as they dare

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