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Photography by J.T. Ravizé
Evergreen in Gold
by Lindé Ravizé

In dawning light, the aspens glaze,
their milk white bark is cracked with grays
as chill demarcates autumn's days
…the evergreens still hold

The waning sunlight heralds frost
and soon the snowdrifts will be tossed
throughout this forest, mute and lost
…as evergreens grow cold

The silent trunks, a wall of white,
just yesterday, a golden sight
but now their treasures will take flight
..while evergreens stand bold

A whispered breath of warmth suspends;
the last sweet drops of leaf-life ends,
then golden rain at last descends
… the evergreens enfold

And then, like magic, there appears
beneath the hail of amber spheres,
a sweet fir swirled in sunlight's tears
…an evergreen in gold

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